HDTV 4-channel video installation, 2016
scale variable, pictured dimensions: 12′ x 30″

riverthatflowsbothways is inspired by observation along the banks of the Hudson River in Greene County, NY. It is composed of intimately observed and gradually changing images that create an immersive experience. Abstract in their appearance, the images convey the movement and luminosity of the river without offering views or realistic representations. I use the surface of the river as a giant watery lens that assimilates reflection, color, and pattern. riverthatflowsbothways creates a contemplative space that lengthens one’s sense of time and evokes feelings of wonderment and comfort but also conjures presentiments of destabilizing undercurrents.

Composer Scott D. Miller’s score for string ensemble is a series of variations on a hymn-based chord. Each channel plays as a separate non-synchronized loop. In continuous play, any combination of all 4 channels will not repeat for 7 years, 4 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 9 minutes and 17 seconds.

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4-channel video projection & installation, 2016
scale and configuration variable

See description above. Video projection and HDTV installation are both presentable.

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Notations on a River

 single channel, silent, 5’45”, 2009

Notations on a River is formed from still images that I have taken along the bank of the Hudson River in New Baltimore, New York and along the coast of Ile de Ré, France. It is composed in three movements, inspired by observations of light upon water and attendant varied perceptual phenomena. It is silent, meditative and intended to be subtly mesmerizing.

Notations on a River was created for the 2009 solo exhibition of paintings and video at The Katonah Museum of Art entitled “Ellen Kozak: Hudson River Trilogy.”

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